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Awards from Micheners help you say “Congratulations!” in a big way to your team or colleagues! Plaques and trophies come in an endless array of styles and materials. We offer the best in award design. We can showcase your logo and message with state-of-the-art engraving techniques to convey your pride and gratitude for a job well done. As master engravers, you can trust that your awards will be handled with the utmost precision and skill.

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Featured Items

Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque
with Shooting Star Accent Black Brass Engraving Plate

P4185 / 7"x9": $75.00
P4186 / 8"x10.5": $90.00
P4187 / 9"x12": $111.00

Zenith Series Glass Award
Black Piano Finish Base & Silver Aluminum Accent

G2425 / 4.75"x8.75": $75.00
G2426 / 4.75"x8.875": $80.00
G2427 / 4.75"x9.875": $85.00

Bronze Resin Golf Award

64621-Z / 4.75"x8.75": $92.60
65621-Z / 4.75"x8.875": $114.90
66621-Z / 4.75"x9.875": $137.25